JR Larson, JR, Stretching, Light,  Gut, sinew, explosive, sculpture, minerals, art, artist, war, artifact, wood, time
Picyune November
Intestine, Wood, Metal, Fat

JR Larson has mastered a unique approach to materials, which allows him to cure organic materials with skills acquired from a spectrum of related crafts such as ceramics, hide-tanning and the mummification process.

Pushing these age-old processes and combining them to create original artworks that considers all of the art -isms, is quite a feat of ingenuity.

These wall-hung sculptures, though taking on the format of a painting, are anything but!

In this series, delicate natural objects such as dried flowers, insects, birds and shellfish collected from adventures outside of the studio take center stage and develop narrative documents. The viewer could be satisfied reading the piece from afar, but is encouraged to peak into crevices and caves that reveal the true motivation for the work.

The drama in this series is evidenced by the display of specimens which are trapped, cradled or hover in midflight.