Broken Heart: Piss, Dirt & Ants
High Definition Video Projection

My work is often site-specific, and I like to capture the unique properties of a locale. This was filmed outside of Marfa, Texas during the landmark drought of 2011, the biggest drought since the Dust Bowl, and a windstorm was moving in. I filmed this busy ant nest, as they scurried to cover their home--this was shot at 24 frames per second, then slowed it down to one frame every 12 seconds over a period of four hours, from late afternoon to sunset.
I started to view the scene abstractly, focusing on color, especially how bright the ants were against the dirt. I collected and sifted bright red dirt from the surrounding area and urinated on their nest (remember water is a luxury during a drought) then flung the dirt so it sifted over their nest. It was gorgeous to watch it change over a few hours. On a personal note, I thought the nest was shaped like a heart, and was going through a heartbreak at the time, so pissing on it was symbolic.