JR Larson
Raised in the Cajun South, Larson has a personal connection to ritual festivities including Mardi Gras and the mysticism surrounding voodoo. Now embracing a multitude of cultures, Larson focuses on the creation of spirited objects; his artworks are heavy with the weight of transformative powers: woven, torn, worn-through, pierced and burned. To this end, his work is both personal and otherworldly, straddling multiple vantage points simultaneously, synthesizing a full gamut of artifacts, from larger than life totems to colorful paintings and taut snares, Larson presents hybrid relics forever dislocated from time and place.

Having attended the Boston Museum School and Rutgers, JR Larson studied under the tutelage of Peter Voulkos and Peter Callas, both infamous masters of clay. Well-versed in traditional firing methods as well as welding, woodworking, photography and cinematography, JR Larson has moved beyond his classical training to develop a unique approach to artmaking.